"Frances is an extraordinarily talented development professional. After years of working with her as a database manager and high-level prospect researcher I have come to believe that there is no one better."

Nancy Brimhall, President
Brimhall & Associates

Advancement Research for Nonprofits

Advancement Research, Donor Database Consulting

"The whole art of fundraising is in what you do before you go in."    Aryeh Nesher

Fundraising is about relationships and providing an opportunity for the donor to become engaged and to give. Donor prospect research lays the foundation to strengthen and deepen the relationship between the donor and the nonprofit organization. As Cecilia Hogan said in her book "Prospect Research: A Primer for Growing Nonprofits", prospect research "identifies, analyzes and recommends avenues of financial support so that the fund raising goals of a nonprofit can be realized."

The donor database provides the institutional and historical memory for the nonprofit, and when it functions optimally, it supports all aspects of fundraising.

"If it isn't in the database, it did not happen."    Jon Thorsen.
If it isn't in the database correctly, the integrity of the information is compromised.

Advancement Research for Nonprofits is an independent consulting company that provides its nonprofit clients with the strategic and relevant donor prospect research profiles it needs to explore and develop its relationships. These profiles are on prospects that are individuals, corporations, or foundations and all information comes from public and commercial sources focusing on confidentiality and the highest ethical standards. Advancement Research for Nonprofits also consults on the Blackbaud fundraising software, Raiser's Edge®, as well as Exceed!Basic ® by Telosa.

Professional Services include:
  • Donor prospect profiles
  • Donor prospect research training
  • Raiser's Edge® Consulting, including database management and the use of actions for moves management
  • Exceed! Basic ® Consulting

Since 2006, Advancement Research for Nonprofits has worked with nonprofits in Napa County, the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, and New England on their prospective donor research and database needs.

Raiser's Edge® is a registered trademark with Blackbaud, Inc. Anamosa, Inc. is an independent consulting firm and as such is neither sponsored nor endorsed by Blackbaud, Inc.